As we face the impacts of climate change and systemic inequality, discovering equitable solutions for sustainable living is more important than ever. Conscious Growth has been participating in this work since 2019 by providing educational opportunities and resources to diverse groups, as well as producing inspirational events that bring awareness to critical issues.


Our work is rooted in the understanding that social, economic, and environmental systems are interconnected, and every action creates a ripple effect in the web of life. We believe that in order to strengthen the collective capacity for change, we must shift from a mindset of scarcity to a lifestyle of reciprocity.

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We are Bridge Builders. Web Weavers. Change Makers.

Ashley Bonn (she/her)

Co-Founder, Director

Ashley is a holistic educator, creative designer, and community builder. She grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, where she completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, and a Minor in Leadership for Public Service from the University of Missouri. In 2016, Ashley moved to Portland, Oregon, where she earned a Master's of Science in Leadership for Sustainability Education, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit and Public Management from Portland State University. Shortly after, Ashley completed a Permaculture Design Certificate with the City Repair Project and worked as a Program Coordinator for the Village Building Convergence. In addition to Conscious Growth, Ashley runs a business called Wisdom Weaver that connects ecology and spirituality through mentorship, workshops, and creative design.

Russell Bohr (he/him)

Co-Founder, Board Member

Russell is a photographer, tea sommelier, and community builder. He was born in Oregon and moved to Portland in 2011. Russell holds a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from Oregon State University and is passionate about social change. He works with groups facilitating resource sharing, sustainable lifestyles, community building and community managed space. From 2014-2019, Russell served on the production team for the City Repair Project's annual Village Building Convergence. He was also involved with "The Communiversity,'' organized by Community Supported Everything, which provided a community center in Portland where classes could be taught and taken for free by members of the space. In 2020, Russell launched his photography business, which combines nature and landscape photography with portraiture, and explores ritual / ancestral archetypes

Drake Carnahan (she/her)

Co-Founder, Board Member

Drake is an ecological designer, community builder, holistic educator and soul guide, supporting the development of regenerative and healing culture. She is the Founder of Urban Village Designs LLC, holds a Master's of Science in Leadership for Sustainability Education, as well as a B.A. in Social Sciences with a minor in Civic Leadership from Portland State University. She completed her Permaculture Design Certificate in 2014 and continues to bring an eye for whole systems and ecological design into all of her work. She has over a decade's worth of experience in group facilitation, outdoor and experiential education for youth and adults, event production, nonprofit management, environmental conservation, urban farming, service-learning, personal coaching, energy healing and mindfulness practices.

Karro Moss (he/ him; they/them)

Event Staff

Karro is a multidisciplinary artist, educator, event producer, and community organizer. Originally raised in New York State, Karro holds a Bachelors of Science in Communications and media production from Ithaca College, in Ithaca NY. As a performing artist, illustrator, and writer, Karro’s creative works explore themes of ritual and holistic healing through ancestral wisdom, spirituality, and place-based lifeways. In Colorado, Karro worked in intersectional movements for food justice, community empowerment, indigenous sovereignty, and ecological resilience. When he moved to Oregon in 2015, Karro immersed himself in practices of place-based skills; he is an all-ages educator and program facilitator for place-based arts, and was inspired to launch a catering service after a three-year residency on an organic farm and sustainability education center. He has hosted retreats and rituals for the trans and third-gendered community, and has been deeply impacted by rites of passage work and nature-connection programs.